Luxury Boutique Hotels© is an escalating hotel management company with a distinctive collection of luxury properties and boutique hotels located in secluded destinations of Greece.
The core value of LBH© is the commitment to success within responsible strategies. Our operations and revenues are growing steadily through crystal and long-term agreements, working and acting as a team, respecting the correlations of local communities, suppliers, hotel owners and the environment.
We believe that the following factors are fundamental to ensure that our development will perform successful on an ongoing basis:
- Escalating Brand,
- Significant Reveal of Secluded Destinations,
- Elegant Hotel Properties with Distinctive Location,
- Continuous Investments on IT (online & offline),
- High Rate of Cash Flows,
- Respect to Labour Relations,

We seek for new hotels to manage pursuant to management contracts in developing destinations throughout Greece, to join the Luxury Boutique Hotels© Brand.
If you own a distinctive hotel property and you would like to find out more about LBH© please contact us.

Luxury Boutique Hotels©
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12136 Peristeri
Athens, Greece
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